99Seconds Is the Puzzle Equivalent of Bullet Hell

By John Lichman , Updated May 29, 2012 09:59 AM EDT

The concept behind 99Seconds is simple: don't get hit. But when you're the spiritual sequel to DSiWare game 99Bullets, that's easier said than done. It's even easier to think since the sequel's literally coming out weeks after Bullets from EnjoyUp games, who are devout fans of the Shoot'Em Up concept that's better known by the fan name: Bullet Hell.

The general point of "99Seconds" is to evade the everchanging landscape, which is encouraged with the use of Stop Time. But once that perk is used up, touching any shape means immediate death. The general plot is even weirder--and yes, there is a plot:

"After finishing off Black Eye, V-99 entered a mysterious zone called Bit 8, without knowing why V-99 could modify time, slow it down and even stop it. But everything became complicated with the appearance of the BLACK VECTORS: mysterious beings that aim to destroy any intruder who reaches Bit 8."

So really, who knew the plots of simple puzzle and shooter games would be so intertwined?

The game drops on May 31st on the Nintendo DSiWare network for $1.99.

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