Leaked Destiny Image Shows Upcoming Content Plans And Release Dates, Sizable Comet: Plague Of Darkness Expansion Detailed [RUMOR]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 02, 2015 01:36 PM EST

A leaked image is making its way around the web, purporting to show off Bungie's plans for Destiny and its future expansions.

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As covered by Eurogamer, the image seen above was first seen on an Italian Destiny Facebook page, and appears to be taken from an event, meeting, or conference of some sort. The picture is a few months old, meaning some of the date information could be changed by now, but it has only been gaining attention recently after making its way to the Destiny subreddit.

What does it reveal? Seemingly, quite a lot. It lists House of Wolves--the only other announced Destiny expansion--as set for release on March 10, 2015. This is a Tuesday, which would fall in line with the days Destiny and The Dark Below were released. According to the image, the expansion will include content pretty similar to that found in The Dark Below: it will offer three story missions, a new Strike, a new Raid, and four new competitive multiplayer Crucible maps. It seems to be set across the Cosmodrome, the Reef, Venus, and the Moon.

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An entirely new reveal is the Comet: Plague of Darkness expansion, which looks to be even larger than the previous two. Eurogamer does mention that initial revealed release plans for Destiny referenced Comet, but the whole schedule is one year back from when Destiny actually launched. Comet was scheduled for a September 2015 release, but since Destiny launched a year later than expected, we could be seeing Comet this summer.

Plague of Darkness, the first of what seems to be multiple Comet releases, is shown in the image to contain 12 story missions, four Strikes, a new Raid, six Crucible maps, and a new location. The "Investment" section shows two new weapon types and new subclasses for each of the three Guardian classes. There is also a third expansion focusing on the Vex, and a forth titled Forge of Gods. Plague of Darkness seems quite large for a normal expansion, and may represent a standalone title once it launches. The two new expansions are not listed as part of the existing expansion pass, and will no doubt have to be purchased separately.

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