Into The Stars Kickstarter Campaign Blasts Off; Unreal Engine 4 Powered 'Oregon Trail' Space Title Needs Your Help [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 05, 2015 11:42 AM EST

Into The Stars, a new single player “space survival” game from former DICE team members has gone live on Kickstarter needs your help.

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The game is a massive, Unreal Engine 4 fueled journey into the great unknown and combines the journey elements of Oregon Trail with the shipbuilding gameplay of FTL, with a dash of Battlestar Galactica tossed in. Everything is at your control: your destination is set (which we will lovingly call ‘Space Oregon’ - Sporegon?), but how you get there is up to you.

You take command of Ark 13, the last ship housing the last of humanity after a series of alien attacks all but obliterates Earth. Players will have a great many plates to keep spinning, such as military prowess, mining operations, the day to day engineering, survival, diplomatic relations with aliens both hostile and friendly. The weight of mankind’s future rests on your shoulder.

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Build up and maintain your crew, but be careful, when they die, they are dead forever. Aah, permadeath, a gamer’s greatest fear. What’s worse: the aliens responsible for mankind’s destruction will forever be on your heels, so you can never linger too long in one of the game’s 90 interconnected sectors of this new and vast solar system.

Into The Stars is being developed by Fugitive Games, a four man team comprised of gaming industry vets who have worked with DICE, Capcom and SCEA on projects like Medal of Honor, MAG and the sci-fi shooter Lost Planet. They may know a thing or two about what they’re doing.

In addition to the Unreal Engine 4 gameplay and graphics, the team is also employing the work of composer Jack Wall, who created the music for that other little space game you might have heard of: Mass Effect.

The game is finished, but requires additional polishing, music, sound, etc. Fugitive Games is only asking for $85,000 to finalize all its features and, according to the official Kickstarter page, hopes to be finished by July of this year. Head on over and if you like what you see, donate today.

You can also support it on Steam Greenlight!

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