Destiny Holiday Gifts Are Live, Check The Postmaster For Your Legendary Weapon Today

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 07, 2015 02:59 PM EST

Bungie has been promising a free Destiny holiday gift to fans for a while now, and the package has today been delivered in the form of a random legendary weapon.

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The gift can be found at the Postmaster in the Tower, and you don't need to do anything special to acquire--simply walk over and add it to your inventory. Bungie says the gifts are being handed out through the day, so if you haven't received one (or an email) yet, it will arrive.

What sort of gifts are being handed out? I personally received the Coiled Hiss 1919 Pulse Rifle, a weapon from The Dark Below. I can't say I'll ever use it, so am a bit disappointed, but other users are having more luck. As the Destiny subreddit discussion shows, players are getting a variety of Legendary guns--some certainly better than others--from as their gift. There are Badgers, the Devil You Don'ts, LDR 5001, and anything in between.

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Long-time Destiny players will likely find the gifts less useful barring a very good random roll, but don't forget about the new guys! It was a holiday gift, after all, and those who just received the game as a gift are probably receiving a significant upgrade to their arsenals. Whatever you got, it is free at the end of the day--if you have yet to open your gift, good luck!

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