Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Trailer: Developers Show Off New Maps, Exo Zombie Mode Characters [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 13, 2015 05:14 PM EST

The Call of Duty content train keeps marching on, with the Xbox-exclusive Havoc DLC available later this month.

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An extended video from the developers shows off what to expect from the pack, including analysis of the four new multiplayer maps. Havoc also adds the Exo Zombies mode, a new weapon, and a new weapon variant.

The four maps--Urban, Core, Drift, and Sideshow--are each given segments during the video, with members of the development team outlining the layout and explaining the style each will promote. They range from close quarters to more open designs, and certain gear is suggested for the different styles. The bonus weapon is the AE4 Directed Energy Assault Rifle, which provides the player with a good combination of firepower and mobility.

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Finally, Exo Zombies will add a new take on the popular Zombies mode, equipping them (as you may have guessed from the name) with the high-tech Exo suits. It features more of a narrative than before, with four main characters--maintenance man Oz (John Malkovich!), the IT specialist Lillith (Rose McGowan), security guard Decker (John Bernthal), and the executive Mr. Kahn (Bill Paxton).

The Exo Zombies mode will feature its own energy weapon, which you can see in action along with the rest of Havoc in the trailer below. It's set for release on Xbox Live on January 27.

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