Crossy Road Australia Update Guide: Here's How To Unlock All The Secret Characters

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 20, 2015 12:40 AM EST

Crossy Road was recently updated on iOS with MFi support and a whole ton of unlockable Australian characters, to celebrate the national day of the developers' native land. It offered your basic kangaroo, koala bear, and what have you, but some of the new characters were hidden from view. These secret characters aren't unlockable through the usual means (earning 100 coins and hoping for good luck)- you have to get them in very specific ways.

Fortunately we’ve spent entirely too much of our workday tracking down and unlocking all of these new characters, and armed with our knowledge you’ll be able to do the same much more easily.

Before you start to try to unlock any of these you'll have to at least have one Australian animal unlocked. You'll know you're playing as one when the world is changed to a desert, full of cacti and sand and crocodile-infested waters.

First up are the two secret animals.

Drop Bear-

Pick any new animal and play the Australian stage.

Keep an eye on the trees as you play. The Drop Bear will randomly appear perched on a tree the game, and all you need to do is get killed by him to unlock it. (Note- it does get very frustrating to get killed by it after it's already unlocked. As if there aren't enough dangers in the game...)


Just emulate his walk in the desert. While playing as one of the Australian animals just sidestep left or right a whole bunch, and the next time you die you’ll start as him.

The easiest way to do this is on any strip of land between roads you can find- just swipe left and right a ton and you'll unlcok him no problem.

Matt Hall (@klicktock)

Andy Sum (@jigxorandy)

Ben Weatherall (@sunraheadgear)

If you’re wondering who these are, they’re the three gentlemen who created Crossy Road. In order to unlock them you will first have to get a high score as each of their favorite characters.

Of course, this means that you’ll have to unlock those specific characters first and then get a very high score. You don’t need to break your high score, but you do need to get close- if it says “Great Score” after you die well then congrats, you’re about to own your very first Game Dev. Try not to go crazy with the high score or you'll find it very difficult to replicate the results for the other two!

Here the characters you need to use for each person.

Matt Hall- use Lucky Cat.

Andy Sum- use the Mallard.

Ben Weatherall- use what’s by far the coolest character, the Nasgul-esque Dark Lord.

Good luck unlocking them all! Let’s hope these guys continue to supply us with more updates in the future.

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