Justice League Movie News: Brainiac To Be Villain For Upcoming Live Action Film? [RUMOR]

By Donyae , Updated Jan 20, 2015 02:48 PM EST

There are very little details about the live action Justice League movie. Fans know that it's coming but other than that, official details are scarce. That doesn't keep the internet from its usual sleuth work. There are a few rumors surrounding production but one of the big questions is, who will the villain be?

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There are various super villains who may turn up to fight a newly formed Justice League. Tech Times speculates that one of them may be Brainiac.

The trouble with picking a villain for the League to fight as one is that whoever they settle on would have to be a real threat to all of them. In normal everyday DC universe, the threat to Batman wouldn't be a problem for Superman and vice versa.

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When you combine the team together, whoever they're fighting has to be able to key into all their weaknesses so they have no choice but to fight as a team.

Brianiac does this brilliantly. His high tech weaponry and ability to analyze the team means he can search and pinpoint their weaknesses forcing them to work together. Yes, even Batman.

Production on the Justice League is rumored to being in 2016 with a 2017 release date. That could all change however.

Currently in production is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which will set the stage for the coming Justice League movie as well as solo films focusing on the origins of key heroes involved in the League.

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