Saints Row IV Gat Out Of Hell Review Roundup: How Does The Series' Most Absurd Content Yet Stack Up To The Rest?

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 20, 2015 04:00 PM EST

Saints Row IV already took the series to new heights of absurdity, and the developers are at it again with the Gat out of Hell expansion. The new content comes as a standalone offering on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and as part of the Re-Elected remastering on PS4 and Xbox One.

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How has the new expansion been received? Here are some reviews from around the web:

Giant Bomb, 3/5: "Gat out of Hell isn't particularly long, as the core story can be completed in about two hours. I continued playing after the credits rolled and am currently at the seven hour mark with a 92% completion rate, but you probably won't have much of a reason to put that much time in if you don't have a high tolerance for flying around and collecting hundreds of orbs. If you're looking for a new collection of Saints Row activities in a new setting, Gat out of Hell is just that, so it can be enjoyed if you go in without expecting a significant upgrade to what's been seen numerous times before in the series."

Destructoid, 8/10: "Gat out of Hell was a great swan song for Saints Row IV, and it is now one of my favorite entries in the series. There are plenty of games out there about depression, sexuality, violence, politics, and so on, and sometimes it makes me tired. I love Saints Row because I never have to deal with any issues within. There's no agenda and no life lessons to learn. There's only pure escapism, which is what games are meant for in my view."

Game Informer, 7.5/10: "The storytelling is a highlight of this standalone expansion. The gameplay is infused with light hellish themes but lacks creativity, making this Saints Row experience the least inspired yet. The majority of the gameplay concepts are re-skinned from Saints Row IV, and most of the experience lacks complexity and unfolds through rote shooting galleries.

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"This is going to sound a bit odd for a Saints Row game, but the best part of Gat Out of Hell is the overworld exploration. Soaring across the city with giant angel wings that stretch to both corners of the screen is surprisingly satisfying, much like the web swinging in a Spider-Man game."

PC Gamer, 67/100: "There are only a handful of different activities, each repeated multiple times. Torment Fraud is essentially a reskin of Saints Row IV's Insurance Fraud, in which you throw yourself in front of cars and fight against an irritatingly imprecise ragdoll system. Survival and Mayhem also make the transition, and are similarly identical to previous versions. Of the new events, Hellblazer and Salvation make use of Gat's flight ability, and as such are the best of the bunch.

"There are caveats to my disappointment. First, this is an expansion, and so of course it's going to be smaller in scope than a full Saints Row game. Second, it's priced like an expansion. That absolves Gat Out of Hell of a lot of its sins, but nevertheless leaves it feeling restrained and underwhelming."

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