Latest Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Trailer Shows 'KillCameraman;' New Content Releases Next Week [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 24, 2015 11:38 AM EST

Okay, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, you win. Your latest commercial for the upcoming Havoc DLC is pretty inventive and a lot of fun.

PayDay 2 DLC Gets A Babylon 5 Alum!

The three and a half minute trailer focuses on Randall Higgins, the guy responsible for filming you when you get done blown up real good. Yes, he is the "Kill Cameraman", an over-the-top, grizzled bro who has recorded the action from World War II, Vietnam and 'the future'. It's a playful look at something you might not have ever really thought about: just what crazy bastard films me dying all the time?

It is also hocking the Havoc DLC which is out next Tuesday. The new content pack adds four new maps, the closed-quarters Urban; the snow covered Drift (which features the ability to rain down an avalanche on top of opponents); the open and dusty Core map and finally, the nightmare-inducing Sideshow, which has a giant motel sign in the shape of a clown. The future, man, the future.

Psychonauts. Still Got It After All These Years

Havoc will also make those damn zombies a bit more formidable by tossing the undead monstrosities into the exo-suits. As if zombies were not difficult enough as is. Higgins even gets devoured by a couple after failing the Walking Dead blood test. But don't worry, he's fine.

The DLC pack will also add the new AE4, Directed Energy Assault rifle, nicknamed the Widowmaker (not, as Higgins points out, the friendmaker). I like to think that it is the Advanced Warfare equivalent to the Wazer Wifle.

Download it this Tuesday when Havoc hits the servers. Check out Higgins in action below.

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