Why Haven't You Backed Strafe On Kickstarter Yet? [TRAILER]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 24, 2015 11:43 AM EST

One can't help but notice that Strafe, the 90s retro action title that may have broken the gaming internet a few days ago, has yet to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter.

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Look, I know we're a culture of celebrity, where Zach Braff can get you to pay for his latest film even though he doesn't actually need you to make it, or where the big names like Schafer or Keiji Inafune can get their latest projects funded in a single hour. But this is Kickstarter! The site is meant for the underdog, not the reigning champ. Let's find the next big thing before it's big, so we can smugly say we knew them 'when'.

Not to mention the fact that Strafe looks awesome. Growing up with the great, over-the-top, cartoony violence of Doom, Hexxen and Unreal, Strafe hits all my buttons. The game is designed like a 90s FPS, but with a thoroughly modern twist. The game is a sort of procedurally generated slaughterhouse, with "billions" of level possibilities. Every time you die, the map changes, so there's no guide or speed run possible; it's always different.

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The blood - oh god, the blood - however, persists throughout your lives. Follow the blood, and limbs and viscera, and you will find your way to safety from the hellish nightmare spaceship the game takes place on.

The game is fast, simple and vicious. There's no cover anymore, your health won't recharge and the enemies are coming at you with relentless speed and purpose. And did I mention it will come with Oculus support? Because it will!

Oh, and there's also the Kickstarter commercial, which is hands down the greatest 'back me' video I have ever seen. In fact, it may be so good that it will scare people away, because how can any actual game compete with this gloriousness?

So, watch the video and then head over to the Kickstarter page to donate. Together, we can make Strafe the Best Video Game of 1996!

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