Battlefield Hardline Beta Date Announced, New Trailer Outlines The Game Modes And Abilities Coming Next Week

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 29, 2015 03:02 PM EST

Attention, Battlefield fans: the Battlefield Hardline beta is launching on February 3.

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We've known another beta was approaching--the developers even recently outlined Battlefield 4 tie-in rewards--but this is the official announcement of the date. The 3rd is right round the corner, next week on Tuesday, so there isn't much longer to wait now.

The beta's end date will be Feburary 8, so it's not the lengthiest run. That's still almost a week to test out Visceral's cops and robbers take on the traditionally military-based series, and to test how it's changed since its first beta last year. The beta will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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A new trailer, which you can watch below, outlines the general concept of the game and the various roles you can occupy on your team. These have different loadouts and abilities, and a good mix (like most squad-based shooters) will make it easier to win. There's also a zipline crossbow, which looks about as cool as it sounds.

There seems to be quite a few abilities and pieces of equipment to mix up the gameplay and provide solutions to a variety of scenarios. There are some maps that involve going up into tall buildings, for example, and I can imagine the grappling hook and zipline become very useful there. The trailer does a good job of showing off the gameplay modes, too, so check it out if you're interested and visit the official website. The beta will be open, and requires no registration.

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