Blizzard News Leak: 'Legacy Of The Void' Release Date This Year, Alongside New Hearthstone And Warcraft Expansions [RUMOR]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 30, 2015 08:36 AM EST

An unnamed source on the inside at Blizzard Activision revealed some big news to a Yahoo Financier recently, and for fans of the company's products, the only thing we have to ask is: which do you want to hear about first?

Undertaker Is Being Taken Under In Next Hearthstone Update

Not one of the company's current or future titles is not mentioned in the article. Do you like World of Warcraft? According to the story "The World of Warcraft team has "quadrupled" its art outsourcing, which has been a bottleneck in the past. The next expansion is almost "feature complete."

Here's hoping it is Eye of Azshara is announced soon!

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Or perhaps Starcraft II is your jam and you've been eagerly awaiting Part III, Legacy of the Void (the Protoss campaign). "The next Starcraft 2 game is already done and ready to go. The release date is still not settled. The current time window ranges from April to June."

It was reported that the Diablo III team was being moved onto something else, a crazy mash-up horror/sci-fi title, but Blizzard execs have said that the team is not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Hearthstone is just doing ridiculous numbers. Blizzard reports over 75 million players, or "off the charts" as the insider describes it. He also reports that the next expansion, which will be more PvE oriented should be due out in April. Which means we should be getting more details hopefully soon.

Should all of this end up being true, that is.

On the future of Blizzard, the employee expresses concern over the company's MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm, "Executives have "low expectations" for Heroes of the Storm. The insider thinks many of the senior staff on the Heroes of the Storm team will be laid off." Which is a shame, as the beta for Heroes is very fun and easy to get lost in and I'm looking forward to spending more time in the Nexus.

Overwatch, on the other hand, is still in "flux" with regards to pricing. While the insider can confirm that the early portions will be free-to-play, much like how WoW currently is, "They are trying to decide between a free-to-play or expansion type focused model." He also speculates on the release-date, citing that the game could be ready as early as December 2016. This, however, must be patently false because Blizzard has never seen a release date that they didn't intend to wildly miss.

Should Legacy of the Void come out this year, as well as an all new WoW expansion and Hearthstone additions, I suspect there is little reason to play any non-Blizzard game during 2015. I'm am absolutely fine with that.

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