Four Mortal Kombat X Collector's Editions Announced With Exclusive Scorpion Figure, New Playable Characters And Pre-Order Bonuses

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 03, 2015 09:46 AM EST

After being announced last week via a Twitch livestream, everyone's favorite psychic brawler Ermac has gotten the official trailer treatment for Mortal Kombat X.

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While our ERror MACro really, really needs to work on his trash talk. Seriously, Sub-Zero sets you up with "How many souls do you have?" and you don't answer, "I'm about to have one more." or something similar, you're falling down on the job. To be fair, Sub-Zero needs to work on his trash talk, too. His throw off line wasn't cold enough.

Ermac becomes the 15th member of the grandest tournament in the universe.

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Watch his trailer below.

Warner Bros also unveiled the series of Collector's Editions that will be made available upon release in April. All four special editions are available for pre-order from various retailers. Additionally, people who do pre-order will receive Goro as a playable character. More practical fans will simply wait two months when the multi-armed brawler comes as part of a new DLC pack, a free update or as part of some apology for a horrendous Day One launch.

In cheery news, however, let's take a look at the many various ways Warners will attempt to separate you from your money this April. All will feature the Kombat pack, which adds four playable characters that will contain "Klassic Kombatants" as well as guest stars.

The Mortal Kombat X: Kollector’s Edition by Coarse will include:
- Exclusive Scorpion figurine and Certificate of Authenticity, designed by Coarse. Coarse has been recognized in Collector and Designer figure communities for their artistic approach, dedication to detail, and unique storytelling through sculpture.
- In-game Gold Scorpion Skin, inspired by the Coarse figurine
- The Kombat Pack, which includes access to four add-on playable characters from Klassic Kombatants to Iconic guest characters
- Available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft
MSRP: $149.99

The Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition, imported from Europe and available for pre-order on exclusively, will include:
- Scorpion Statue
- Exclusive Steel Pack and Steel Card
- Mortal Kombat X: Blood Ties Comic Book Volume 1
- In-game Gold Scorpion Skin
- The Kombat Pack
- Available for PS4 and Xbox One
- MSRP: $179.99

The Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition will be available via download only and includes the following:
- The Kombat Pack
- Available for PS4, Xbox One, the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system for Microsoft; PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and, Windows PC
- MSRP: $89.99

The Mortal Kombat X Limited Edition, available for pre-order exclusively at GameStop, will feature the following:
- Exclusive Scorpion Skin - this skin design, inspired by the Cold War, is a collaboration between NetherRealm Studios and a fan artist from the, a crowd-sourced destination where Mortal Kombat enthusiasts can upload, submit and share their MK-related art, images, cosplay, music and videos.
- The Kombat Pack
- Available for PS4 and Xbox One
- MSRP: $94.99

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