Destiny Best Sniper Rifles: The Top Legendary And Exotic Sharpshooting Guns In The Game

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 04, 2015 07:00 PM EST

Skill goes a long way in Destiny, but can still only carry you so far. Your gear more than anything else will determine success, and there is a plethora of weapons and gun types to choose from.

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Each category has its own uses, but it serves to have a varied arsenal. We'll break down each weapon type for you, listing the best exotics and legendaries in each type. Below are the best Sniper Rifles available in Destiny, with multiple options to suit different scenarios.

Ice Breaker

There's no getting around Ice Breaker's power and usefulness. The ability to generate its own ammo and never be reloaded is almost irreplacable, practically putting the sniper in its own tier of necessity. Ice Breaker can make or break a Raid (for example, allows effective Oracle sniping in Vault of Glass from the ledge above without running out of ammo), and is generally helpful whenever you need ammo to pack a punch. The weapon deals Solar damage, and its rounds cause enemies to explode, which is very effective in clearing groups of enemies. The recoil is a bit much for some people (it never has to reload, though), and the six bullet limit is a blessing and a curse depending on the scenario. Even with those minor issues, its combination of power and unlimited ammunition can't be matched.

Black Hammer

The Legendary sniper makes a strong case for replacing Exotic options--a formidable newer weapon that only drops in Crota's End. The weapon handles well, has 331 Attack, and deals Solar damage, which already puts it ahead of most guns. Its White Nail talent, however, really sets it apart from the pack. Landing three precision shots rapidly will refill the whole magazine, allowing you to continue firing on your enemies--almost the perfect Ice Breaker replacement. This is potentially a lot of damage per second with good aim, and automatically makes it one of the best Sniper Rifles (arguably the best for PvP). The ammo is not guarunteed like Ice Breaker's, though, and requires you to continue hitting precision shots. If you're a confident shooter, using Black Hammer instead of Ice Breaker will free up an Exotic primary or heavy slot, which could be worth it on its own.

Patience And Time

This stealth-first Exotic Sniper Rifle won't win any awards in PvE, but it's still a pretty great weapon overall (the Attack in the picture is an outdated number--it's 331). It grants you camo when aiming down the sights, which can keep enemies off your back or surprise players in PvP, while also keeping radar active in scope. That will shine in the Crucible so nobody can sneak up on you, and its Arc damage plys great stability and range makes it deadly in most scenarios.

Praedyth's Revenge

Another sniper that excells in PvP, Praedyth's Revenge is hampered mostly by its 300 Attack. If it had been allowed up to 331, we'd be looking at a very effective weapon, with Firefly explosive rounds and Void damage. What makes it so effective in the Crucible is its extremely snappy handling, very fast fire rate, and the Killing Frenzy talent that boosts reload speed for kills. These all add up to a quite good PvE weapon as well, as long as you're not pushing the game's hardest areas that require the higher attack weapons.

From here, the list comes down to preference and which guns you get quality rolls on, in addition to the reliable vendor weapons such as the LDR 5001. The Y-09 Longbow Synthesis can be a very good weapon with the right talents, and the Iron Banner sniper Efrideet's Spear is in a similar position.

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