Boom Beach Update 20.45.1 Begins The Flame Wars, New Scorcher Artillery Unit, Schedule Changes, Improvements And More

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 05, 2015 08:01 AM EST

Supercell has updated Boom Beach with a brand new unit and a veritable arsenal of other major tweaks, upgrades, fixes and improvements. Begun the Flame Wars have.

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The most notable addition is the new Scorcher unit, the lumbering, highly inconsiderate flamethrower tank unit that rumbles out of your Level 18 Headquarters. It delivers a high degree of damage at a short range, with an even shorter attention span. Guard your units carefully, or send it in first to clear that minefield; chances are, it might end up burning your other soldiers alive.

Additionally, Supercell is trying to grant new units or buildings at every new Headquarters level. So this will hopefully be the first of many.

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Dr. Terror will be changing the time of his housecalls. He's a very busy man and there are a lot of people that need his special brand of medicine, so he hopes you don't mind if he switches up his weekly appointment. Read all about it HERE.

Task Force operations have had their price scaled to account for how many people are participating. This makes sense, as sending in 10 people used to cost the same amount as sending in 50 people. No longer! For instance:

5-man TFs = 40% intel cost for each OP
10-man TFs = 60% intel cost for each OP
25-man TFs = 90% intel cost for each OP
50-man TFs = 120% intel cost for each OP

PvP loot bonus is no longer determined by the strength of your opponent's defenses, only their total XP matters.

The last new unit made - The Grenadier - has had his range and speed increased. His overall DPS remains the same (this is similar to the Archer update in Clash of Clans). The Grenadier's explosion radius has also slightly expanded. More boom on the beach, I suppose.

Cannons, Boom Mines and Boom Towers no longer deal double damage against tank units (perhaps to ensure the survival of the new Scorcher). However, they do deal more damage overall to all units. Your poor infantrymen. Also, tanks have less health but will pack a greater punch and can train up a little faster, too.

One of the best improvements however is a pathfinding adjustment. Perhaps now your initial wave of attackers won't mindlessly wander into the minefield!

All of this and more is available now for download on your favorite mobile device.

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