'Star Wars: Commander' Update Issues? New Units Bring No Balance Changes To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 06, 2015 10:38 AM EST

A major update has come to the F2P title from a galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars Commander, the Clash of Clans-esque mobile title, has received several new content upgrades, including the new Trap unit. Traps, which have been a part of the F2P strategy landscape for quite some time, allow you to "trigger Starship Strikes when enemies approach." Rebel commanders get use of X and Y Wings, while the Empire get use of TIE Fighters and Bombers to mow down their enemies.

A bit overdue, but welcome nonetheless.

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Speaking of base defense, the Droideka Sentinel (those cool beetle like robots from Episode I) can be brought on both attacks and defense. Or you can "consort with the criminal underbelly of Tatooine by safeguarding and trading Contraband with Jabba and his associates." He's not dead yet, and there are plenty of other Hutts to go around.

The update has been... lacking in positivity. The balance issues between both Imperial and Rebel sides remains off at higher levels, with the Imperial forces continuing to have more ranged units. The beauty of Clash of Clans is that everyone is working from the same deck of cards. Creating different factions allows you to play jazz with how units are handled, but can lead to a lot of cries of "Unfair!" when it seems like a particular side is given an advantage.

It's a fun game, it could be a great game if it can step out of the shadow of its forebears and fix some of its crash issues. The new content will be worth it when those inconveniences are resolved, but for now, hold off on the update until a minor patch is applied to help fix any lingering crashes.

You can download Star Wars Commander for iOS and Android today.

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