'Magic: Origins' Announced: New Core Set For Magic: The Gathering Set To Release This Summer

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 09, 2015 12:57 PM EST

It took Wizards of the Coast twenty years and dozens of expansions, but finally, they're going back to the beginning. The games company has just announced the next Magic: The Gathering core set, Magic: Origins. The set is scheduled to release this July.

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Wizards has previously announced their plans to stop releasing their three set blocks and core set for a more different tone after they finish the Khans of Tarkir cycle. Magic: Origins will mark a pivotal moment in Magic's history, both past, present and future by reforging the traditional yearly Core set into something new.

Origins will focus on five of the beloved Planeswalkers - Gideon Jura (white), Jace Beleren (blue) Liliana Vess (black) Chandra Nalaar (red) and Nissa Revane (green) - all the great mages who were gifted with a unique spark that allowed them to travel through the multiverse.

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"All core sets in recent years have had Planeswalker cards," says Doug Beyer, senior creative designer for Magic,"but Magic Origins doesn't just contain five Planeswalkers-it's also about those Planeswalker characters. It's about certain points in time in those Planeswalkers' lives-the events that led them to become Planeswalkers-and is meant to set up a lot of our plans for Magic's future story. We'll see these characters' home worlds, learn about the joys and crises of their early lives, and discover how they became the Multiverse-traveling Planeswalkers we know today."

One wonders if there will be any tie-in with the recently announced Magic: The Gathering movie.

Regardless, Magic: Origins is set to release worldwide on July 17 of this year. Dragons of Tarkir, the third and final set of the Khans of Tarkir set, will hit shelves on March 21.

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