Dying Light Tips: Our Guide To Surviving And Thriving In The Deadly Streets Of Harran

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 09, 2015 01:46 PM EST

Dying Light is an extremely fun game, with multiple ways to play and plenty to see and do. It's certainly easy to get yourself killed, though, and the open world presents a number of challenges and obstacles--it can be hard to know what to tackle first.

Our Review Of Dying Light

We're here to help out with a series of tips that will hopefully guide you through Harran's mean streets. Whether you're just starting out or looking to get an edge, our suggestions should make for a better Dying Light experience.

Use Survivor Sense, All The Time

There's a lot to pick up and find in Dying Light, and the Survivor Sense skill will make sure you don't miss anything. You can use it at any time, sending out a pulse to the immediate area that will highlight any objects you can interact with. This includes collectibles on a table, supplies on a shelf, and any cabinets or crates you can open. It makes completing missions where you need to find a specific object faster, and also ensures you won't miss any loot. At night, it highlights the location of the deadly Volatiles as they stalk the streets, which can keep you out of their sites. It's also generally useful for broadcasting the location of your objective on the screen if you lose your bearings.

You Can Find A Gun Early In The Game

I actually missed this in my play through, but an early optional quest will bring you straight to a pistol. Guns aren't always the most useful (the attention that shooting them brings is often not worth the quick kills), but there are definitely scenarios where you'll be wishing for one. The quest can be found out front of the Tower, depicted by a shield icon on the map. A man is standing in the plaza, and wants you to escort him to pick up some gear. When you arrive at your destination, a gun can be found on the floor inside the house. Grimly, it appears the previous owner used it to end his own suffering, but such is life for survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Don't Stress Too Much About Using Your Best Weapons

With the way the item durability system works, you only get a limited number of repairs on each weapon. This might lead you to avoid using your best weapons in order to preserve them, which is a generally smart idea. You can save them for sticky situations or story missions, and hacking apart random groups of zombies is, to a degree, a waste. But you'll constantly be getting new weapons, and what were once your best items will fall behind as you get better ones. You should let go of most reservations and enjoy mowing through enemies with your effective weapons--you'll more than likely always have enough to get you through.

Venture Out At Night

Yes, you can get swiftly and brutally killed at night in Dying Light. Yes, The Volatile zombies can kill you in a few swings and are very hard to take down. But the night awards you with double Agility and Power points, and that's worth trying to accomplish goals during the night. You could sleep through each night in the safe house, but where's the fun in that? Trying to survive during nighttime runs provides some of the most tense and thrilling moments in the game, and you'll likely find yourself willing to try your luck rather than sit back. Plus, some activities can only be completed at night, so you'll occasionally have no choice.

Attempt The Challenges

Harran is filled with a number of option challenges, and they're (for the most part) a lot of fun. The posters plastered on walls are always timed running and jumping checkpoint challenges, and really test your skills with the controls. Others includes using a special weapon to kill a certain number of zombies within a time limit, along with some alternative scenarios. These provide a good diversion from the main game if you need a break, and the timed parkour challenges in particular are a lot of fun.

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