American Horror Story Season Five News: Will The New Story Involve Nazis?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 11, 2015 12:30 AM EST

American Horror Story has seen a lot of really unique story lines but there is one reoccurring theme that has some fans wondering if we might see a season entirely surrounding it. Could one of the future seasons involve Nazis?

Murder House Meets Freak Show In This American Horror Story Connection

Of course, it's a little unlikely that we'll see Nazis in actual Nazi Germany. That, after all, would not be American. There have been a few heavy references throughout previous seasons to WWII however, with both Asylum and Freak Show featuring stories that tied in heavily with Nazi Germany.

Next season is rumored to surround Operation Top Hat which was not about foreign affairs but there may be a strong tie in to the politics of the time. Nazis don't really tie into this time line.

Will Dandy Come Back For Another Season Of American Horror Story?

Nazis as an enemy have been part of the American mythos for years so it makes sense that they showed up twice as bad guys. It also makes sense that they'll keep showing up from time to time.

We've already had a storyline which featured a secret Nazi hiding in America during Asylum and another in the same season involving a concentration camp survivor. With both of those topics having been touched on already in the show, there's not really any new ground to cover with them.

Although we might still see some references to the Nazis from time to time, this probably won't become something to center a whole season around. That being said, WWII was a big deal and it would be really brave if Murphy did something around Japanese Internment Camps.

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