Orphan Black Season 3 News and Spoilers: New Trailer Released, Sarah Is The Wild One [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 11, 2015 01:11 PM EST

Orphan Black has released a new trailer for the upcoming third season. If the trailer is an indication of what is it come, things are going to get violent and that their loyalties are staunchly with each other, not outsiders.

New Threats Aren't The Only Thing Motivating The Sisters In Season 3 Of Orphan Black 

We know from the last trailer that the sisters are preparing to go to war. It's clear that they're going to be facing off against their male counterparts among others. Still the declaration isn't quite the same as a trailer filled with some of the more violent scenes from the last season.

In the trailer we see Sarah "facing off" against Rudy.

Vic Schmidt Will Not Be Returning For Orphan Black Season 3

Rudy calls her the "wild one" and asks why they're working with Dyad. It's also clear from this statement that the boys do in fact know a lot about the girls. After all, he knew enough to know Sarah was the wild card of the group.

Sarah responds that they are not. This is a pretty significant divide. Previously we've speculated that with the removal of Rachel, the sisters may team up with Dyad for help against Castor. This doesn't seem like it will be the case in the coming season.

Sarah also states, "I am not your property." She could be speaking to Dyad thus completely severing whatever ties that the group had with them.

Rudy for all of his much spoken about insanity seems pretty collected in the preview. There's still that hint of madness there, like an animal waiting to strike.

The preview hints that this will be a very violent season filled with twists and turns for everyone involved. Orphan Black returns to BBC America on April 18. Watch the trailer below.

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