DC Comic Book Cancellation: Full List Of 2015 DC Comic Series Revealed

By Donyae , Updated Feb 11, 2015 03:56 PM EST

The cutting of 14 titles by DC was just the beginning as the company announced they would be adding 24 brand new ongoing series starting in June. This brings their grand total of running series (as of June 2015) up to 49 total series. The total list of comics has been released.

DC Comics Announces 24 New Titles In Wake Of Massive Comic Cut

Go big or go home.

The Convergence event will be doing the same thing for DC that the Secret Wars will be doing over at Marvel, resetting the universe. As of the starts of Convergence the New 52 universe (which has been THE universe of DC for some time) will be no more.

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The end of that universe altogether makes way for new storylines and comics, which the company is fully taking advantage of.

Still, that's a lot of comics to keep track of. The press release does give some of the titles but not the full 24.

Inside Pulse has a full checklist of the coming titles. As promised, there are quite a few brand new titles on the list but there are also a few that will clearly be new takes on the classics. With New 52 gone, we're likely to get some new takes on origins and the like.

Whether or not DC will be able to keep the steam going on their new titles remains to be seen. It's likely that some of these will ultimately end up getting cut at some point but right now, what an exciting time for the company. These titles will not be available until June 2015.

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