American Horror Story Season 5 News And Rumors: New Season To Include Famous Mafia Family?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 12, 2015 03:52 PM EST

American Horror Story may be on break but that doesn't mean its fans are. A new fan theory takes the next season into a totally new direction.

American Horror Story May Be Taking On The Third Reich Directly In New Season

A fan theory suspects that the mysterious top hats littered in the early episodes of Freak Show may have been an allusion to Albert Anastasia aka Mad Hatter. Famous member of the Cosa Nostra crime family reports Movie Pilot.

Although Mafia would be an interesting new angle for the show, this might, as just a single story, a bit a bit on the unlikely side of things.

Murder House Meets Freak Show In Crazy Connection Theory

For one, it seems a bit more geared to American Crime Story than Horror. Although I'm sure he did some brutal things (positive actually) his brutality doesn't have that mark of horror of say, Hans Gruber from the last season if we're going to look at really human acts of terror.

Plus, even if such a story became the focus, it would really depart from the supernatural aspects of the series. There was very little done with this in the last season which was a shame.

Although he apparently became crazy after inhaling toxic fumes and this could be tied into Operation Top Hat and a larger story. That may make the scope of the coming season just too broad and varied which would be the opposite problem of the last season.

Then there's the question of what a season surrounding a mob family would actually be about in relation to horror. There's also the possibility that the season will be set in present times making this theory even further less likely.

American Horror Story will likely return in October.

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