The Walking Dead Season 5 News And Spoilers: Who Are The Wolves? [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 13, 2015 01:16 PM EST

There was a hint in the last episode of The Walking Dead about what may come. It seems to point to something that we've been speculating on for a while--the questions is, who are the "wolves" that all the warnings speak about? It's probably not a Doctor Who reference.

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A video from goes over some possible theories for who this new presumed threat may be. One that will likely be popular with the fans is that the Wolves is just what Negan's Saviors are called in the show.

Glen picked up a bat and there was some barbed wire so that could be some really subtle foreshadowing to the villain who carries a barbed wire wrapped bat. Affectionately named "Lucille."

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There were also hints that although the threat could have been of the zombie type, it's more likely another group. Wiltshire had been attacked from the outside when they arrived and Noah's mother had obviously been attacked by the living. Zombies aren't really into bashing anyone's head in.

If it isn't Negan and his crew, then it could possibly be a new threat altogether. Something not from the comics. After all, the show and the comics do diverge from one another and the show could be setting its fans up for something completely left field.

After all, creators have commented on how different this season would be and that the threat would be new. We've certainly seen power hungry, violent humans before.

You can watch the video below. The Walking Dead airs Sunday night on AMC.

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