World Of Tanks Generals Closed Beta Announced, Turn-Based Card Battler Comes To PC And Mobile Soon [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 16, 2015 08:16 AM EST

Wargaming, purveyor of the finest free to play military action sims, have announced the closed beta of their forthcoming card battler, World of Tanks Generals.

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Card games are all the rage with these days, with seemingly every major license getting one at some point or another. Generals is a CCG turn based strategy in which you collect tanks, build a deck and then go head to head against your opponent in 1v1 battle. In play, it should be similar to Hearthstone, and everybody wants to have the next Hearthstone.

The game will be made available for PC and mobile devices. The closed beta, however, is available only for the PC.

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"Our main goal with Closed Beta is to evolve the game into the incredible experience we're aiming for," said Andrey Zimenko, Director of Global Operations, World of Tanks Generals. "We've put a lot of effort into the game and are looking forward to seeing how testers like the current version, as well as hear their ideas and suggestions about the game's future."

Over 200 cards are included in the beta test, with a roughly even split amongst three factions - USA, Germany and Soviet Russia. The cards themselves will be divided into certain categories, such as "headquarters, tanks, artillery, orders and squads, as well as special bonus cards that grant additional firepower or defenses, adding an extra dimension of strategy to gameplay." One imagines there will be several different classes of tanks, similar to the Light, Medium and Heavy tank roles in World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz. "With an army of cards and a host of strategies available, every battle is an intense skirmish of sudden strikes, tactical trickery and dynamic dueling where you must adapt to survive.

Best part, if you have a account, you can sign up.

North American players, head on to the Generals website HERE (site may be down currently) to register for the closed beta. No word on when it w

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