Weekly Video Game Release Schedule, February 16: DOA 5 Last Round, Resident Evil And The Order Finally Makes Its Brief Appearance

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 16, 2015 08:51 AM EST

We hope your Valentine's Day weekend. If you found yourself alone, we hope you were able to catch up on that large backlog of titles, and if you spent it with your loved one, well now is the time to get back in the saddle, because there are a bunch of new games that are going to demand your time.

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At least they aren't asking for flowers and chocolate. All they want from you is to play with you. How nice does that sound?

Onto the show. What's new and happening this week?

The Binding Of Isaac Gets New DLC, Adding Hundreds Of Hours To A Stellar Title


Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - [Xbox One / Xbox 360] - the ultimate chapter in the DOA 5 series, you can pick up the new title, featuring 30 new and returning characters, both physically (Xbox One/PS4) and digitally (all platforms) tomorrow. Expect all the over-the-top ridiculousness and scantily clad women that has become synonymous with DOA over the years. A few weeks ago, Tecmo Koei announced that the Steam version had been delayed until March; however, a recent Tweet said that the PlayStation version has also been delayed until February 24.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 1 - [PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3] - with XBL and Steam versions on February 18; the first chapter in the tenth entry (!) of the beloved game series. The game features enduring (unkillable) character Claire Redfield and series fave Barry Burton in two separate storylines that have them each, with the aid of other characters, trying to survive. Should give fans the next gen shot in the arm that Resident Evil Remastered could not muster. The first of four weekly episodes.

Total War: Attila - [PC] - the latest expansion into the time-honored strategy title takes the Total War: Rome engine and transports you to the 5th century as you command the legendary Hun army in your march west towards Europe. The reviews have been mixed to positive, but Total War fans are a fierce and loyal breed, so you know this is going to sell well to them. Will it sell elsewhere, though?

Pillar - [PS4] - a collection of mini-games partially inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality calculator. The game guides you through a wintry town, in search of a lost artifact - non-verbally, I might add - and has you examine the various townsfolk along the way. An intriguing premise, one that could help redefine how we think of storytelling in video games.


The Order: 1886 - [PS4] - the exclusive that time forgot. The buzz around The Order was big a year ago, but has since then fizzled out. Which is a shame because it does look pretty cool. Take command of the Knights of the Round Table as they traverse through a gothic and Steampunk-esque Victorian London hunting supernatural beasties of the highest...order. Who knows, it could be a knockout success, or it could be a really, really short campaign not worth its sticker price. Time will tell.

It's really cold out there, so we advise staying in, hiding under some blankets and playing games all week long. You'll thank us later.

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