PewDiePie News: Famous Vlogger Gets Murdered In New Game Party Hard [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 16, 2015 03:56 PM EST

Do you secretly hate the most popular vlogger on YouTube? Now there's a game in which you can straight up kill PewDiePie. Party Hard lets you take care of your annoying neighbors by killing them. Which really isn't the best way to go about solving your problems.

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PewDiePie is an NPC who shows up in the first level. You'll recognize him even in 8-bit. He's doing exactly what you would expect Pewds to be doing. At his computer, playing some games, making some videos.

The death of PewDiePie is actually just a very small part of what makes Party Hard an interesting game. The premise is some noisy neighbors are having a party. This happens one too many times for Jeff (the character you play) who instead of calling the cops or asking them to keep it down, goes with just killing them all.

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Jeff got issues.

In any case, what makes this different then like, a low resolution Assassin's Creed, is that you will eventually be caught by the police. Even if you manage to kill everyone at the party, you're still going to jail.

The developers Pinokl Games goal was to make a game about killing people to show that killing people wasn't always the best way to handle a stressful situation. The game was well received as it won the Critic's Choice award at Casual Connect Europe.

You can test out a trial of the game on Game Jolt in case you're wondering how a game about mass murder will help you understand killing is bad.

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