Destiny Weapons Wishlist: The Top Changes To Our Arsenals We'd Like To See From Bungie Moving Forward

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 16, 2015 05:26 PM EST

Destiny has a good array of weapons, despite its other faults regarding random loot drops and a buffet of currencies. There are a variety of guns and good enough reasons to try multiple firearms, with some of the most satisfying gunplay in years.

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There are issues with the arsenal, though, some of which Bungie is addressing. Pulse Rifles are getting buffed, which is much needed as the weapon type is under-utilized. There are more things I'd like to see though--below are my top wishes for Destiny's weapons.

Stop Nerfing Our Weapons

The balance is off for a few weapon types, and fixing it is reasonable. But nobody is going to be happy to see their Auto Rifles less effective just because Pulse Rifles aren't as good, and weapons should only be made better. An even playing field is good, but powerful weapons are fun, and that's something Destiny has going for it. I don't want my Abyss Defiant to be less useful at range, just design the game around the way the weapons function. Taking away a player's power is not a move that will endear you to fans, and the under-powered guns should just be brought up to speed.

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A Real Use For Shotguns And Close Quarters Combat

Shotguns can be pretty deadly in the Crucible during the right circumstances, but there's not very ideal scenarios for them in PvE. Close combat as a whole is rather ineffective, and is more likely to get you killed than staying back. There aren't many builds for surviving and dealing damage up close, especially with the brutal melee damage from Praetorians. Shotgun range has only been decreased over time (in reality, they can shoot a good bit farther than they can in-game), and this limits frustrations in PvP but makes them less useful in Raids. It'll always be a bit more reckless to take on enemies up close, but Bungie should at least make it a real option. Titans are supposed to be effective up close, but after a Storm Fist and bubble, getting killed is pretty likely.

Even More Rare, Special Event Weapons

Events like Iron Banner offered a few useful guns and pieces of armor, and I'm not sure why Bungie isn't running more of them. Limited time events enage players and keep them coming back for something different. If there's rare, effective weapons tied into the events, what dedicated players wouldn't go for them? You might see something rare out in the wild that isn't commonly used, and can boast a gun that hasn't become run of the mill. There's still some people without Ice Breaker, sure, but most high level players are using roughly the same array of guns. I haven't seen many people wearing the Iron Banner armor, and it's nice to stand out. The Queen's Wrath event was a long time ago, and bringing it back with others would make the game more interesting. I want more unique abilities and appealing talents, not just some too specific (only effect certain enemies, for example) to be useful. These special events make each player more unique, and give us all more options when taking down Atheon yet again.

More Variety Among High-Level Weapons Overall

I know, I said at the start that Destiny's weapon selection is pretty good--and it is. But who's going to say no to more top-level options? It's tough to balance, becuase certain guns should be "the best" you can get. But one or two choices for Sniper Rifles and one or two for Rocket Launchers isn't exactly the height of variety, and the same goes for armor (everyone wearing the same gear is boring). More options across each weapon type adds to the fun, and gives players more to chase down.

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