The Walking Dead Season 5 News and Spoilers: Daryl Will Be Changing But What Will Cause It?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 18, 2015 02:25 PM EST

One of the things that we learned from The Walking Dead is that when Daryl cries, everybody cries. The back half of season five promises to be an emotional roller-coaster but will everyone's favorite archer be joining the ride? Spoilers to follow!

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Norman Reedus opened up what his character Daryl will be going through in the coming season.

"There's some really funny things. There's some humor in Daryl in the back eight that just comes from him being him. He's not really telling jokes, but it's kind of funny. And then there are a couple of moments that are just the saddest. Then there's a couple of ones that are super hero s-. There's great stuff happening," Reedus said.

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To be fair, Daryl is always doing some superhero type stuff. At least according to his fans.

More importantly, what could possibly happen that would break Daryl after we've seen him crumble under the death of Beth?

Already in the season we've seen some terrible letdowns. Tyrese has died. Noah's gated community turned out to be a death trap (for Tyrese). What else could possibly go wrong?

Well, lots of things actually. There are still a number of group members that he is attached too. The question of whether or not baby Judith makes it out of the season is still up in the air (she does not live in the comics).

Whatever the "new threat" is, it could lead Daryl to a sort of breaking point. Perhaps he's just been too strong for too long.

Either way, we'll be seeing a changing Daryl in the coming season.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday Nights on AMC.

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