The New Pokémon Rap: CollegeHumor Updates It With All 718 Pokémon! [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 18, 2015 08:45 PM EST

So you like Pokémon and you like rap so the Pokémon Rap was your thing. But it kind of always bothered that you that it didn't include ALL the Pokémon. Good news friend! A new version has been released that has all 718 current Pokémon in it.

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That's right, 718. There's no way that you've ever caught them all. No way.

You would have to have traded them up through all the games every time you upgraded the game. That's crazy. But you know, that's how it works.

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Watching this, it's really amazing that the developers managed to create this many Pocket Monsters. I mean, they're all pretty unique. Nature isn't even that good. Tons of animals look like other animals.

Not Pokémon, though, they all look drastically different from each other. It probably helped that they don't need drastically different powers.

Seriously, how many Pokémon do we need? 718 seems like a lot. Most people can't name more than like 10 and probably only the ones on the show.

Be warned this rap gets kind of dark. Kidnapping and some hostage situations abound. Children are threatened to name them all. Pokémon is serious business.

If you think that this will be a quick video, then sit back down and grab some popcorn. This is nearly 10 minutes of Pokémon naming action. But it pays off, once you've watched it, you can lord it over your friends. Or just have a cookie.

You can watch all 9 minutes and 6 seconds of the New Pokémon Rap below.


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