New Clash Of Clans Update Will Add Greater Clan Wars Customization, And Even Allow You To Opt Out Of Battle, You Pacifist

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 22, 2015 06:18 PM EST

The forthcoming Clash of Clans update, which is being teased out over the course of days, will be giving you more control over all that Clan management stuff. The hope is to make the Clash part a bit easier.

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The new update will add new Clan badges that will allow for greater individuality. Craft a background, tailor it and then show it off. Plant that flag through the very heart of your enemy's village, amongst the smoldering ruins of what was once his Town Hall.

For the casual Clasher - those who want to be a part of the clan but may have busy schedules that take them out of range of service or family obligations - you no longer have to explain to your demanding Clan Leader why you didn't make the latest Clan War this past Friday night (because what would you be doing on a Friday night if not this?). Now, you may opt out of Clan Wars via your Clan tab.

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While this may breed some resentment amongst your Clan members, it is at least an acknowledgement that while you teammates may be crazy, there are some people out there who have to attend to other things. One hopes that specific times could be implemented later, so you can say 'I can only raid on weekends' or 'can literally only fight during an actual Blue moon'.

Players will also be able to check out an enemy's village without having to visit, saving time and money.

It is clear that this update is all about the 'Clan'. While the multiplayer part is the main driving force, have you got any Clash for us, Supercell?

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