Guild Wars 2 Revenant Details Announced: New Legendary Stances Showcased In Latest Heart Of Thorns Video

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 22, 2015 09:07 PM EST

NCSoft recently hosted a new Point of Interest live stream event showcasing some of the new content arriving in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. The full hour long event is listed below, but if you're only looking for info on the upcoming Revenant class, one intrepid forum poster has got your back.

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Member dulfy was quick with his PrtSc button, capturing screens of several of the class's legendary, weapon and downed skills. It's a beautiful exercise in community involvement. The GW2 wiki is already updated with all the information, culled and dissected, from the event.

More information regarding the Revenant's skillset will be released before the expansion hits servers, but they did show off two relevant ones, Legendary Dwarf Stance and Legendary Demon Stance. These particular skills harness the spirits of famed heroes from the past, and considering their name - Revenant (a thing that has come back from the dead) - this is quite appropriate.

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NCSoft also released some intimidating new artwork of the Revenant class as well. See the below.

The Legendary Dwarf Stance summons the spirit of Jalis Ironhammer, the last great king of the Deldrimor to aid you in your tanking skills:

Soothing Stone - heall yourself and remove conditions. Gain retaliation for each condition removed.

Forced Engagement - launch a chain at your target. When the chain connects with a foe, it slows and taunts them.

Vengeful Hammers - invoke hammers to circle around you, damaging foes.

Inspiring Reinforcement - create a stone road that damages and weakens foes as it's created. Once it's created it will pulse, granting stability to allies

Rite of the Great Dwarf - channel the power of the Rite of the Great Dwarf to turn yourself and nearby allies into stone to reduce incoming damage

Whereas the Legendary Demon Stance will summon familiar demon Mallyx the Unyielding to weaken the enemy for you.

Empowering Misery - heal yourself. Heal more for each condition currently applied to you.

Remove Enchantment - deal damage to your foe. Remove boons from and apply confusion to that foe. Apply bonus confusion if you have equal or more conditions than the threshold applied to you.

Unyielding Anguish - leap toward the targeted area, tormenting foes and creating a demonic field that displaces enemies. Apply bonus torment if you have equal or more conditions than the threshold applied to you.

Pain Absorption - grant resistance to yourself and nearby allies. Absorb conditions from those allies, gaining additional resistance per condition.

Embrace The Darkness - summon the power of the legendary demon to transform into a powerful avatar. Increase all attributes, and copy conditions to nearby foes every few seconds.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Sadly, we won't be able to play around with them as of yet. Heart of Thorns currently has no release date set as of now.

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