Driveclub Free PS Plus Edition Release 'Still Being Looked At' According To SCEE Boss, No Guarantees Over Launch

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 23, 2015 11:56 AM EST

The launch of PlayStation 4's online racer Driveclub was nothing short of a disaster, with network issues rendering the game virtually unplayable for a long stretch of time.

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In addition, the free, content-reduced version of the game that was meant to launch simultaneously with the paid edition had to be delayed. That was back in October, and new comments from Sony provided to Metro might be telling us that the free version of Driveclub may never see the light of day.

When asked if the free PlayStation Plus version was on the way, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Manager Jim Ryan told Metro it was "still being looked at". When pressed further if he can or can't guarantee that it will eventually release, Ryan only stated that he can't "say anything at this stage".

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Reading between the obvious lines, the answer to that question is no, Ryan can't guarantee that the free version of Driveclub will be released. The whole game was initially meant to be free when announced as a launch title for PS4, slowing changing into a two-version model with a delayed release. The free version of the game does not have al the tracks and content of the paid edition, irritating fans before the launch debacle and indefinite delay of the free version even occurred.

You should head over to Metro and read the rest of the interview if you're interested in the console and the market, as there are a number of good questions and quotes. Hopefully fans get the free version of Driveclub they wanted, and we all see the trend of broken launches become less common.

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