007 Legends Dev Reveals Skyfall Mission, Gadgets

Jun 12, 2012 10:24 AM EDT | By John Lichman

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When you think of James Bond, the first thing that springs to mind is definitely a dart gun. That's ignoring nearly 50 years of martinis (shaken, not stirred), Aston Martins and Walther PPKs, but it's the detail that springs to mind for the developers of 007 Legends. Activision's latest attempt to cash in on the Bond franchise is sort of a "Greatest Hits" montage, which syncs up with the upcoming Blu-Ray box set. Legends follows Bond, now based off Daniel Craig, as he recalls some of his more prestigious missions in a near-deaths state.

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The main excuse: it allows a digital avatar based on Craig to reenact films like Moonraker, which is currently the only one of five missions revealed in Legends. During the interview above with Machinma, the sixth mission is revealed to be based on the upcoming Skyfall, which opens a week after Legends is released on October 15th.

Among the other features touted are a four-screen multiplayer designed to make the player think they're really back playing Goldeneye on the N64, Bond's special "dart gun pen," which has never actually been in a film as far as we know, and his smart phone. The idea that all of Bond's missions have taken place between now and Casino Royale kind of irks the passionate fanboy in us, since the theory that Bond is just a title helps us sleep a little better at night. 

But when it comes to Legends, it still seems like a ploy to cash in on Goldeneye nostalgia, down to the character textures and mapping. It's a little unnerving that they still won't reveal the other levels, since how much fun would playing On Her Majesty's Secret Service really be? Otherwise, it'll just likely be a rehash of Dr. No, The Man with the Golden Gun and A View to Kill. Though we wouldn't mind any game that gives us more Christopher Walken.

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