Kingdom Rush Origins Update 1.4 Adds New Hulking Rage Mini Campaign, New Heroes And Secrets

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 25, 2015 10:12 AM EST

Rage has come to the land. A rage eternal, unbridled and 'hulking'. Ironhide Game Studios has updated the stellar tower defense title Kingdom Rush: Origins with its first ever mini-campaign.

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The great Ogre tyrant Bram the Beheader has invaded the realm and seeks dominance. It's up to you and your elvish forces to hold back the darkness against the four new enemy types that will be sent along the path. The Hulking Rage campaign brings you to the ominously titled Howling Moors and is comprised of three new stages to test your wits and strategic thinking.

Aiding you in this fight is the new free hero, Razz & Rags, described as "a brave gnome riding his massive friend into battle." Razz & Rags creates havoc and mayhem amongst enemy troops, by turning enemies into Ragdolls, sending forth exploding bunnies to deal a massive amount of damage and can stun a group of enemy units with their massive hammer.

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Players can also purchase Durax, a "no-nonsense" crystal elemental that specializes in laying out enemies with its massive appendages and crystal skills. Crystallites summon a controllable copy of Durax, aiding you when the going gets tough, while Sapphire Fangs is an AOE spell that sprouts sharpened crystals from the ground, dealing damage to all who walk over it.

In true Kingdom Rush style, Durax puns it up with such a classic like "Your doom is crystal clear!" You can purchase him for $4.99 from the in-game app store.

The Hulking Rage update also includes new easter eggs, legendary creatures, specials and a whole bunch more to discover. Just be sure to click everywhere on the map.

Make sure you have a bit of free space and a wif-fi connection. Update Kingdom Rush: Origins right now. We think it's one of the best examples of the genre, and a must have for even casual fans of tower defense.

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