Solforge Update Reign Of Varna Available Tonight: Reign Of Varna Expansion Added With New Cards, Abilities And Single Player Campaign

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 26, 2015 09:08 AM EST

Stone Blade Entertainment has updated the wonderful F2P CCG Solforge. Begun, the Reign of Varna has.

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The new set consists of 48 new cards such as Snowdrift Alpha (which creates a secondary Hunting Pack ability for lane dominance) and is available via booster packs, legendary chests and the rewards you get for completing and winning tournaments.

Several new abilities will be introduced when the update goes live tonight at 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. here on the east coast) - abilities such as Ambush, which allows you to play merry mayhem with opponent's decks that rely on rezzing, and other "cheats" that let you get more than two creatures out in a turn. The Leyline Sentry, for example, and I am sure many others. Do you hear that Matt? Zimus won't be as effective any more, you jerk.

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Additionally, Varna will introduce Player mechanics, which allow you yourself to affect the rules and course of the game. The major example given was Immortal Echoes, a lasting effect which allows you to randomly return a creature who died back to the game. Each of the game's four factions will come with a similar card that plays to that faction's strengths.

But, to me, the big change is the inclusion of single player campaigns - similar to Naxxramas in Hearthstone. "Campaign mode offers plays the opportunity to play against AI opponents and earn rewards while progressing through missions set in the SolForge world." For those of us who don't feel like dealing with someone's elite, legendary packed deck or are in a bind and can't afford to wait for our opponent to move, this is great. The more single player content, the better, I always say.

Online wins are now slightly more worth it, giving out 250 silver instead of 100 and now, first win of the day rewards can offer up Event tickets. Log-in and third win of the day rewards will now also grant booster packs (albeit regular booster packs, not the new Varna ones), instead of the single random card.

Prepare yourselves! Download Solforge for PC, iOS or Android today.

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