Final Fantasy Type 0 Gameplay Trailer Highlights The Magic, Combat And Summoning System In Upcoming Title [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 26, 2015 10:23 AM EST

With under a month to go before its release, Square Enix has released a quick overview of what players can look forward to next month when Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hits next gen consoles.

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We've outlined many of the gameplay mechanics and story elements that will be reintroduced by the PSP remake, but we lack the gravitas of a very deep and bassy voice. The game is out on March 17 for both Xbox One and PS4 and will feature one of the largest casts ever assembled for a Final Fantasy title to date, including 14 unique and playable characters that comprise the titular Class 0 fighting force.

Check out the full roster of students here.

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What may be new to a lot of us is the strategic troop battle mechanic. In addition to the slightly more traditional 3rd person combat, players will be able to lead various armies in pseudo-turn based strategy assaults in order to recapture various bases and territory checkpoints. A fun little mechanic that works well within the confines of the war story being told throughout the game.

We also get a look into the magic and summoning system, wherein players can sacrifice a member of their three man team and bring forth an Eidolon (an Ultimate Summon from previous games).

The trailer also gives a brief overview of Orience, the once peaceful coalition of city-states that is broken when the crystal kingdom of Militesi launches a vicious and unprovoked assault on neighboring Rubrum. The campaign promises to be epic, dramatic and deeply moving. As we've said before, a guy dying alongside a horse is one guaranteed way to ensure my tickets. There's something...quite emotional about such a scene.

"Square Enix also confirmed that a secret movie will be included in the game. The mystery-shrouded movie can be unlocked when a player meets certain requirements of the game." No word on what that might entail, however, there will also be unlockable costumes that players can earn.

Watch the trailer below. March 17 can't get here fast enough.

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