Next Hearthstone Expansion To Take Place In Blackrock Mountain? New Patch Info Hints At Molten Core Adventure

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 27, 2015 07:16 AM EST

Players may soon be able to explore the famed Molten Core as the next Hearthstone single player adventure, if new datamined information is to be believed.

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MetaBomb gathered up the "hints": they found three new card data bits that might be featured in upcoming patches. The one that simply reads Molten Core is earned "from brm presale", denoting that there will be a similar adventure, like Curse of Naxxramas, that players can pre-purchase at some point in the near future.

BRM is common shorthand for Blackrock Mountain, a fiery quest hub in World of Warcraft that features several of the MMO's most acclaimed end-game instances. Molten Core, or MC (as it is known) is a sprawling hulk of a dungeon that features several bosses, ending with Ragnaros, the Fire Elemental, who is also teased as a "reward for season play".

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However, with the catchall term 'BRM', and given the nature of The Curse of Naxxramas, which has several 'wings' attached to it, it is possible (and this is speculation) that several of the other raids and instances could be a part of the next expansion. Players could fight their way through Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire, through Blackwing Lair (where you could take on the Black Dragon aspect Nefarian) and even Blackrock Depths.

Additionally, the datamine also indicates a Golden Celebration cardback, which Eurogamer speculates will "could be rewarded for creating a deck consisting entirely of expensive Golden cards, or a reward for achieving 500 wins with one or more Heroes in Ranked play mode.

Hopefully we can all find out next Friday, March 6 during Blizzard's PAX East panel, in which they'll be discussing all things Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. The panel is set to livestream at 10:30 a.m. EST.

So, what do you think this all means?

And remember, the Blackrock Mountain area did give us this...

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