Destiny Companion App Vault Access Lets You Move Items From Anywhere, House Of Wolves Leak Reveals Reef Social Area [IMAGES]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 27, 2015 04:39 PM EST

There has been plenty of Destiny news lately, with official updates, patches to the gameplay, and leaked information all taking up headlines.

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The 1.1.1 Update officially launched, bringing weapon balances, Heroic Weekly Strike Matchmaking, and more to the game. Less publicized has been the addition of a hugely useful feature via the companion app: the ability to move items in and out of your vault without traveling to The Tower.

Now, most players probably did not have the app in mind when they requested Bungie add the ability to access the Vault remotely, but the feature does work. Allowing players access simply when floating in orbit was likely the most common solution, but the app method gives you the advantage of changing items across all of your Guardians at the same time. You can switch characters without having to log in and out, move items into the Vault, and pull them out on another character with just the touch screen on your phone.

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As for future Destiny content, some leaked House of Wolves info gives us a glimpse of what we may see ahead. Images posted to Reddit, not coincidentally by the last Destiny leaker megamanexe4, supposedly reveal a new social hangout that will be placed in The Reef (seen above). Bungie had mentioned another non-combat space in the region some time back, and this seems to be that location.

The images also show off a new Inferno Crucible gametype (no trackers for the Rumble playlist), a Queen quest, and the Belly of the Beast Strike on the Moon. These are not confirmed but are pretty believable, and megamanexe4 has the track record in his favor. Bungie has told us that House of Wolves will launch some time between April and June of 2015.

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