Marvel Comic News: Spider-Gwen Hits The Shelves Bringing Gwen Stacy Back As A Super

By Donyae , Updated Feb 27, 2015 08:02 PM EST

Gwen Stacy is most known for her Woman-in-Refrigerator status in the Marvel Universe. Which is to say that, she's famous primarily for having died and giving the hero (Spider-Man) that extra bit of guilt he needed to keep fighting the good fight. Now Gwen is getting a second chance, and this time, she's the hero in Spider-Gwen.

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The new comic takes place on an alternative Earth called Earth-65 where Gwen was bitten by a radioactive spider and Peter Parker just bit the dust. The character was introduced during the Spider-verse crossover storyline and finally received her own title this month, reports USA Today.

Spider-Gwen picks up where Spider-verse left off and has Gwen finally returning home from her adventures to her anything but normal life. Even though this is a different person, the same sort of themes that the original Spider-Man has will be playing through Spider-Gwen.

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"As much as she wants to be an artist that will come into conflict with that, and it's interesting to explore those old 'great power, great responsibility' themes in a modern context," writer Jason Latour said of the book.

The original Gwen Stacy died in 1973 in a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. She was never brought back to life and took her place in a sort of lame hall of fame of women who had died for their man.

This is a new take on superheroes where the main character is a savvy young girl living in the modern world.

Spider-Gwen is currently available in comic shops.

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