Strength Of The Sword Ultimate Kickstarter Gets A Little Help From Worms Studio Team17

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 02, 2015 01:34 PM EST

Publishing house Team17 has picked up Kickstarter success story Strength of the Sword: Ultimate and will be releasing the game onto PC, Mac, Linux, PS Vita and Wii U and other platforms.

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Strength of the Sword Ultimate is a 3D brawler and fighting game combination that is described as "a game you beat, not finish." Think of the difficulty of all your favorite brawlers from bygone eras and turn that into a modern medieval action game, combined with a bit of Nidhogg for effect, and you'll have some idea what you can expect from the title. Ultimate adds many new modes, levels, side stories and weapons to Strength of the Sword 3, released back in 2013.

The game is developed by Ivent Games, a two man team hailing from Bulgaria.Their enthusiasm runs over, as their Kickstarter page is something to read even if you don't end up backing the project.

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"Wow, have we got crazy lucky! We were recently approached by Team17, who seemed quite excited about what they had heard and seen, and offered to help in any way they can. Obviously, after Lyubo had finished geeking out over the fact that the makers of Worms liked what we were doing, he composed himself and replied 'Me, Ivent. You, Team17... Marketing scary! You help!'" said Lyubomir Iliev, Artist/Director at Ivent Games.

"And so... we are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering up with the awesome guys and girls at Team17 in an epic effort to bring Strength of the Sword: Ultimate to everybody we possibly can! Woohooo!" That is precisely the appropriate amount of enthusiasm and 'whoo'ing needed of this situation.

While this is not the first Kickstarted game to be bought by an outside company, what this means for the people who backed the project remains to be seen. Team17 seems like it will be taking a more distribution role and as such, may not have little to no input into the actual development of the game.

Regardless of how it arrives, Strength of the Sword: Ultimate is one of those games we all need in our lives. Check out the trailer below, and you can still donate to the Kickstarter fund to help it reach its stretch goals.

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