Nintendo Rolls Out New Online Web-Based eShop Store In Japan, Confirms New Mario Kart 8 DLC For May

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 03, 2015 09:40 AM EST

With the inevitable demise of Club Nintendo, it appears that the House of Mario is looking to not only revamp its rewards system, but its online marketplace as well.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 'Zelda' Themed DLC Arrives This Friday

A new bit of Mario Kart 8 DLC has popped up in an as yet unheralded place: the Nintendo Network. The store is a web-based marketplace, similar to its current eShop - but will be easier to navigate, explore and download when it goes live the world over.

Currently, only the Mario Kart 8 DLC is available. The store highlights the currently available Zelda themed pack, which gives players access to Link, Tanooki Mario and that weird cat suit Peach, as well as eight additional tracks. The second pack highlighted is the Animal Crossing DLC that adds three characters - Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser - four cars and eight new tracks as well, and is due out this May.

Strength Of The Sword Ultimate Gets A Little Help And Is Coming To The Wii U

What the new Nintendo Network hopes to accomplish is to eliminate the need to fire up your Wii U or 3DS in order to download and install a digital file. Much like how the PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace operates, you can send the digital game to your account and have it waiting for you when you get home at the end of the day.

The new eShop service is currently only available in Japan to users with a Japanese Nintendo Network ID (NNID) - this is not the same as the Club Nintendo ID, which is an excellent argument for eliminating one of them - and will be made available at a later time to the rest of us.

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