Marvel Secret Wars News: Weirdworld Brings Sword And Sorcery Into The Mix

By Donyae , Updated Mar 04, 2015 04:05 PM EST

Battleworld in Marvel's upcoming Secret World event is composed of various realities. Some of them are mishmashes of very familiar places and time streams, others are histories long since dropped (but never forgotten). Weirdworld is the place where sword and sorcery meets Marvel.

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This corner of Battleworld is filled with, well, the weird. Just the strangest things you can think of. Writer Jason Aaron describes it in one sentence to Marvel"Imagine if you took all your favorite weird genre stories, all the best B-movies of the 1970's, and crammed them all together into one setting."

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Like everything else in Battleworld, it takes root in the established Marvel cannon so even if it seems completely unfamiliar, it's not. Fans just have to dig a bit deeper to figure out the connection.

Weirdworld is actually based on the fantasy titles that were more popular from the publisher in the 1970s, more commonly thought of as the Bronze Age. That time period had a lot of your basic superhero comics but it also had war comics, westerns and fantasy titles. Ironically that all came crashing down with the original Secret Wars. Marvel tightened it's focus around that time.

Comics like Conan: The Barbarian and the original Weirdworld serve as a basis for the reality that is Weirdworld.

The main character of the series is Arkon who in the "real world" is a supervillain known for going toe to toe with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. In Weirdworld, he's just another person trying to survive.

Weirdworld comes out on June 3 and is part of Marvel's Secret Wars storyline. Although the book can be read on its own, it does tie into the overall mythology of the current Secret Wars.

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