Clash Of Clans Town Hall 10 Base Layout Guide: Test Your Enemies' Might With The Gauntlet [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 08, 2015 10:41 PM EDT

The key thing about Clash of Clans and its many knock-offs is the limitation it puts on the number of a particular building type you can use. If we all had free reign over everything, then we'd all load up on various kinds of X-Bows and none of us would ever win.

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But the ingenuity of base design is - quite literally - half the fun and challenge of Clash of Clans. A clever base that's well rounded can net you more trophies than any number of attacks ever could, because you aren't always attacking - but there's a good chance you're always on defense.

Our favorite YouTuber Galadon had a new and dare I say "inviting" base design centered around the recently updated Level 13 Cannons. Dubbed The Gauntlet, or the Driveway of Doom, it is a very, very tempting layout that just screams 'come at me, bro!' like none other. It's classic warfare deception: the Town Hall - the king in this game of chess - is right there, and all you have to do is get through a mass of cannons and hidden tesla. Surely a large enough ground force can overwhelm it in no time, correct?

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This is where the psychological aspects of Clash happen: Galadon in this case is just asking you to come down the middle, but you second-guess yourself and opt to go in from the top or the side. But he's already won. Sure, you might get one star, but you'll never get that town hall. It seems too easy, and it really, really is not.

The three attacks that Galadon foils in the video are two Lavaloonian assaults, which fail entirely and a ground assault that barely nets a single star. Effective, but the game and strategy is ever-shifting in Clash of Clans. It may not work as well or as efficiently as portrayed in the video. Also, you can be on top of your base design, but the other guy may just be on top of his attack even more.

Some days you leave it all out on the field, and still end up short. Watch the video below, it's a fabulous design if you want something intimidating to turn your town into for a little while.

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