The Greatest Troll in the History of Online Trolling

Jun 16, 2012 10:07 AM EDT | By John Lichman

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  • DayZ
  • (DayZ) Screen shot from the Arma II mod, DayZ.

We already went over why you're not playing Arma IImod DayZ, but should be. This is perhaps the single greatest reason why you should smash your consoles, set up a PC, tweak it and start living out the virtual zombie apocalypse. You could treat the game as an in-depth psychoanalytical case study, much like how Polygon explored the evolution of the game's mechanics down to why permenant death and bandits matter.

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Or, you can be like The No Guy and creep people out even further than a zombie ever could.

It gets better. If you listen closely, he really is doing it in time with the theme from Jaws. The No Man achieved the impossible: he managed to make a survival open-world game with zombies and bandits even more terrifying than it should be. And the best part: he got the drop on them twice.

No Man, you're a hero.

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