Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Expansion Card Preview: Check Out Five Of The New Minions Arriving This April [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 09, 2015 02:20 PM EDT

We are now in the build-up phase to Blackrock Mountain, the next adventure for Blizzard's CCG Hearthstone. As such, we get the agonizingly slow roll out of the major cards coming to the Tavern.

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Revealed at PAX East this weekend, Blackrock Mountain will be a fiery expansion with a focus on Dragons, a little used card type. The set, like Naxxramas before it, will take players across five separate wings of the World of Warcraft quest hub Blackrock Mountain. Acclaimed YouTuber Trump got a first look at five of the upcoming 31 new cards.

The video is great and accessible primer into the pros and cons of each card, with a description on what combos would work with which meta. The amount of knowledge locked up in the man's head is incredible.

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However, if you don't want to sit and listen to Trump talk (which we don't recommend, he'll give you some great tips), the cards are below.

First up is the Blackwing Technician, arguably one of the best cards in the new set and one that works well with the new Dragon synergy they got going on. 3 mana will get you a respectable 2/4 creature, but if you're holding a Dragon in your hand, it gets a +1/+1. That is some mid-early game dominance, especially in control decks but could see some good play in aggro decks, as well, given the eventual rise in popularity of Dragon decks.

Grim Patron is my favorite simply because of its ability. Every time it's damaged, it creates a copy of itself. The idea here is to bink one of your guys down to clone it. Things could get out of hand if you have two of these on the board and then throw down a well time Whirlwind. And Bouncing Blade will work on this, too, giving you a thoroughly large enough army to do some facetime with.

Until they undoubtedly cast a Flamestrike and clear the board.

The Hungry Dragon is a 4 cost, 5/6 Dragon that will summon a random 1 cost minion for your opponent. It's nature's way of balancing the scales, because a 5/6 at that cost is worth it. There's no telling what the minion will be, but since it only costs 1 it won't be that large. Still, make sure you have something to remove it quickly, as things have a way of getting out of hand.

Dark Iron Skulker is a new Rogue card that is essentially a Consecration affixed to Backstab by way of a creature. If you're dealing with a lot of little 3 or 4 cost cards, toss in a Fan of Knives and you'll at least be in a good spot to clear away some of the clutter.

Finally, there's poor Rend Blackhand. Nobody likes this guy as presented, an 8/4 minion that costs 7 and will destroy another Legendary creature, so long as you have a Dragon card in your hand. We didn't like him in WoW, and we don't like him now. As Trump says, "you deserve better." Now, since Synergy is paramount to this set, there's no telling what Rend will play off of. But hey everyone, you too can have this card start collecting dust when you beat the first dungeon in Blackrock Mountain this April.

Check out Trump get into more detail below.

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