Destiny Crota Solo No Gun Run: Watch This Player Defeat The Raid's Boss On His Own Without Firing A Shot [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 09, 2015 02:13 PM EDT

We've seen many impressive feats come outof Destiny, with players determined to one-up each other with increasingly difficult challenges.

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There have been no gun runs and incredible solo efforts in the Raid, but this latest video combines those two in daring fashion. YouTuber The HM05 defeated Crota on his own, which is something that players have begun to do over the last few weeks, but he did it without firing a gun.

You can watch the whole achievement in the video below, which is as impressive to behold for entertainment as it is to see which skills he used. Though there may be other methods, The HM05 succeeded by using a Sunsinger Warlock. He melee attacks the Swordbearer to death, and then Radiance becomes crucial to the process. He activates his super and uses the increase cooldown time to take out Crota with grenades. These won't do it on their own, so one swing of the sword is required.

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As with a normal Raid attempt, it's rinse and repeat from there as you avoid Crota and the Ogres, but you can see how he accomplishes those nuances himself. Enjoy the video below, and marvel at the feat! Surely other methods will crop up soon, before something even more ridiculous is accomplished.

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