Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Leak: New Vampire, Werewolf Perk Tree, Crossbow Weapons

Jun 16, 2012 10:01 PM EDT

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  • Skyrim Dawnguard
  • (Skyrim) Now with Crossbows!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's downloadable (DLC) expansion pack, Dawnguard, will come with 10-20 hours of gameplay along with new Vampire and Werewolf Skill Trees.

"It'll take between 10 and 20 hours to beat," said Matt Carofano, Lead Artist of Skyrim and as told to Game Front. "It's about as long as a faction line," added Carofano.

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"Dawnguard will be significantly bigger than any Fallout DLC," Carofano added. "We wanted to do something more in depth than that. It's not as big as Shivering Isles, but there's still a lot of content there," he added.

Dawnguard is the first add-on in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim and the story is about the return of Lord Harkon, a Volkihar vampire who is seeking an end to the tyranny of the sun. As Harkon seeks to achieve his goal, a group named Dawnguard will attempt to hunt down the vampire. In the game, players will be given the option to either join Dawnguard and help defeat Harkon or join the Volkihar vampires.

The game comes with two new perk trees: Vampire Lord and Werewolf. The New perks are gained by feeding on enemies with the new powers.

The Vampire Lord comes with eleven perks that will make players move faster, and enemies slower with the "Supernatural Reflexes", add 50 point bonus to health, magicka and stamina as a Vampire Lord with "Power of the Grave", paralyze your foes with this magical blast with Corpse Curse and much more.

"Werewolf Skill Tree" includes eight perks like Savage Feeding, Totem of the Moon, Animal Vigor adding 100 point bonus to health and stamina in beast form and much more.

Dawnguard also comes with ranged and melee combat which is the first addition to Dragonbone weapons. Mounted combat allows players to fight on horseback with a variety of weapons. Crossbows have also been added to the arsenal of weapons at the Dragonborn's disposal.

Developers have included over 200 Kinect Patch for voice commands with the full list of the English voice commands along with Kinect functions with details of how to make use of them. The Kinect Patch will also support voice commands of dragon shouts and other spells.

Voice commands like Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands have also been included. The game supports new functionality including special map functions, additional hotkey options with the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight and value.

Check out some of the leaked info for the Vampire and Werewolf Skill Tree.


-          Power of the Grave - 50 point bonus to health, magicka and stamina as a Vampire Lord.

-          Detect All Creatures - Requirement: Power of the Grave

-          Mist Form - Turn yourself into an invulnerable cloud of mist while regenerating your health, magicka, and stamina. Requirement: Detect All Creatures

-          Supernatural Reflexes -You move quicker, while enemies move slower. Requirement: Mist Form

-          Blood Healing - Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health. Requirement: Power of the Grave

-          Unearthly Will - Night powers and Blood Magic cost 33% less. Requirement: Power of the Grave

-          Poison Talons - Melee attacks deal 20 points of poison damage. Requirement: Unearthly Will/Blood Healing

-          Night Cloak - A shroud of bats feed on enemies within melee range. Requirement: Poison Talons

-          Vampiric Grip - Blood Magic: Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close. Requirement: Power of the Grave

-          Summon Gargoyle - Summons a Gargoyle. Requirement: Vampiric Grip

-          Corpse Curse - Paralyze your foes with this magical blast. Requirement: Summon Gargoyle


-          Bestial Strength - Do 25% more damage as a werewolf.

-          Totem of Ice Brothers

-          Totem of the Predator

-          Totem of Terror - Werewolf Howl of Terror affects even higher level creatures.

-          Totem of the Moon - Summon an ally werewolf with a howl.

-          Animal Vigor - 100 point bonus to health and stamina in beast form.

-          Gorging - Feeding heals twice as much health.



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