Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Launches Today On Consoles; Aren't You Glad You Waited Before Buying All Of That DLC? [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 10, 2015 11:18 AM EDT

To the patient, goes the victory. Rather than endlessly downloading a barrage of new DLC for Rebellion's Sniper Elite III, console players can now go and pick up Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition and get every piece of currently available content, for the price of the game.

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It's a new adage in the game's industry: all you have to do is wait. The DLC will come out as part of a special edition that is, in essence, a marketing ploy. Not that we're complaining so much. Sniper Elite III is a great game, albeit far too similar to Sniper Elite V2 - not that that is a bad thing.

Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition will net you the full title, along with the three-part DLC campaign 'Save Churchill'. Also included in the package are the six bonus multiplayer maps - Fracture, Night Watch, Outpost Canyon, Plantation, Lost Valley and Airstrip, as well as three modes added since launch: The Shooting Range (Single player Mode); 'Twilight Strike' Overwatch Mission (Co-Op Mission) and Capture The Flag (Multiplayer Mode)

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Plus, you get all 18 of the weapon packs added since the game's launch last year.

It's a pretty wonderful deal. Currently, Sniper Elite III is available on Steam for $49.99. The DLC alone - if purchased individually - will run you $67.87. The Ultimate Edition, however, will cost about $40 on Amazon. While you cannot ever recoup the time you spent not playing it, think of all the other things you were able to play because you weren't shooting Hitler in the face. That's some genuine savings right there.

The Ultimate Edition is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 and is in stores and digital marketplaces now. Check out the launch trailer below!

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