Scribd Doesn't Have the "Xbox 720" Leaked Document Anymore. We Do.

Jun 18, 2012 04:02 PM EDT | By Luke Caulfield

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Taking pictures off of the 'net is like trying to get pee out of a swimming pool. Filter all you like, but once it's in there, it's in there. Such is the case for the document that leaked spilling some details on Microsoft's next console. We don't have all of it, but we do have this to keep you satisfied for the time being.

Just keep it mind that while it does look legitimate, and Microsoft's demand to have the document removed from Scribd may be an indication of authenticity, nothing therein has been confirmed to be true. However, Senior Editor at Verge Tom Warren Sr. said in a recent interview with NeoGaf, "I have been reporting on Microsoft for around 12 years now. That's not to say I know everything about Microsoft and its processes, but I have a fairly good idea of what is and isn't an internal doc usually after the first few pages," 

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Among what the documents allegedly have planned for what I like to call the "Next Box," include augmented 3D reality glasses dubbed "Fortaleza," Blu-Ray, and the next version of Kinect. The console is listed to hit stores before the 2013 holiday season.

The name "Fortaleza" doesn't really offer much to go on either. I'm not the most worldly person, so my hats off to you if you recognized Fortaleza as the state capital of the Brazillian state of Ceará. Beyond that, it's hard to determine much more based on the name alone.

Many thanks to the good people at buzzfeed for fighting authority. Any brazen law breakers can find the whole presentation here.

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