New Xur Time After Daylight Savings: Destiny's Mysterious Merchant Now Appears An Hour Later In U.S.

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 13, 2015 11:25 AM EDT

Attention, Guardians: Xur now appears on weekends an hour later than normal due to daylight savings time in the U.S.

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This is a lesson I learned the hard way last night, staying up until 4 a.m. Eastern to bring you the Xur location and gear for this weekend. Unfortunately, I did not consider the effect the daylight savings time clock jump would have on the shrouded salesman. As the minutes went by while I repeatedly checked every corner of the Tower for him (and wondered why he was taking so long to show!), it occured to me that Bungie did not adjust his appearance time--he didn't appear for another hour.

Destiny's servers are gobal, and other parts of the world have not yet changed their clocks for the year. The United Kingodm, for example, will not be shifting the time until March 29 (along with much of Europe). Bungie opted to keep Xur's time the same for the rest of the world rather than adjust to U.S. daylight savings, and so there was no Xur until 5 a.m. Eastern.

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This isn't as bad for other time zones, but I can confirm that here on the east coast the new time is definitely pretty late. I had committed to staying awake already by 4 a.m., and I certainly felt foolish running around the Tower for an extra 10 minutes before it dawned on me that he would not be coming for a while longer. Those of you in other time zones might still enjoy some late night Xur-hunting, but I think I'll be checking in on him in the morning from now on. At least I was rewarded with a Red Death.

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